XIX - XXth century sculptures

DESCOMPS Joseph Jules Emmanuel (1869-1950)

Joseph Descomps, also known as Joe Cormier was self-taught. He started exhibiting classical subjects at the Salon des artistes français in 1880. After 1918, he became one of the major figures of Art Déco style, with various representations of naked women with bobbed hair, posing, playing or dancing, with sometimes erotic attitudes. After 1930, he executed often manly figures in a neo-classical style. He worked on plaster, terracotta, ceramic and bronze and achieved a various and prolific work.


Terracotta Antic Bust Of A Woman, Signed Cormier (joe Descomps) (SOLD)

Lion Bronze Signed Jb Descomps

Centaur made out of plaster, signed "Cormier" (Joe Emmanuel Descomps) 

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