XIX - XXth century sculptures

PICASSO Pablo RUIZ dit (1881-1973)

The famous XXth century painter also left a signitificative sculpture artwork. Son of a famous painter and former student at the Beaux-Arts of Barcelone, Picasso first realised very expressive sculptures. He then moved in Paris in 1904 and a year later created a very expressionist portrait followed by a bronze mask with very primitive lines inspired by african art. From 1912, he conceives some papier collés then wood, sheet metal and cardboard constructions. In 1914, he creates the very famous “Verre d'Absinthe”, a sculpture in which a manufactured objet is added. He wil exhibit in the 1937 Exposition Internationale many big cement statues. Picasso's creativity and never ending evolution leads him to distort many objets from their functions. He will end his life surrounded by many sculptures in differents materials ans sizes.

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