XIX - XXth century sculptures

RODIN Auguste (1840-1917)

Rodin draws, paints and develops interest in sculpture from his young years. After failing the admissions in the Beaux-Arts three times, he worked many years as a practitioner. He travels to Italy and is impressed and inspired by Michel-Ange. Rodin's first work is exhibited at the Salon in 1875, after being declined in 1874. Later, in 1877, his first important sculpture, an impressive and realistic statue which looked like it was cast from the humain model was exposed in Bruxelles. He was in a way accused of cheating and many of his artwork will later be source of polemics. Although his career was tough, Rodin created great artworks like “le baiser” , “le penseur” which will be presented in many salons and sometimes different sizes. His success peaked at the end of the XIXth century. Bourdelle, Claudel, Pompon among others worked in his workshop and later became famous sculptors. His bronzes were cast by Rudier, Barbedienne and many others. Most of his significant artworks are now prensented at the Rodin Museum, and in great Art Collections.