XIX - XXth century sculptures

ALLIOT Lucien Charles Edouard (1877-1967)

Lucien Charles Edouard Alliot grew up in a family of artists, with his father being a sculptor and painter. He continued the family business of bronze edition after he entered the Beaux Arts, where he was taught by Barrias and Coutan, both famous french sculptors and award winners from the Prix de Rome. The evolution of his work and artistic carreer is marked by the different fashions of his time. Indeed, he mastered classical themes at his beginnings, such as childhood, then Art Nouveau, with women and flowers, Art Déco and Neoclassical themes. He firts exhibited at the Salon in 1896 and was still present in them after 1945. His works where principally plaster blanks that where then realised in bronze.


Wooden Panther signed by Alliot 

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